A.   Short Subdivisions: A short subdivision may be considered if it consists of four (4) lots or less, where right of way is required, and it meets all the requirements of subsection 11-3-2E of this title. All platting and development requirements shall be adhered to, except that the preliminary and final plats may be presented at the same time. (Ord. 5-99, 1-10-2000)
   B.   Phasing Of Subdivision:
      1.   Phasing may be allowed. Phasing shall be laid out in a written agreement, setting forth the area and what is to be developed. Phasing shall include all development work such as roads, water, sewer, drainage and irrigation. The work shall also include service to all lots and adequate work to allow development of the next phase.
      2.   Each phase shall stand alone and shall not depend on the completion of subsequent phases. Each phase shall require separate approvals of the city engineer and the city council, and shall comply with all current required regulations, and shall be recorded with the county recorder separately.
   C.   Granting Of Alternatives: Relief pursuant to subsections A and B of this section will be granted only after an affirmative vote of the city council and subject to such conditions or terms as they deem appropriate. (Ord. 8-96, 11-11-1996)