The regulations of this title shall apply to the subdividing of all land within the corporate limits of the city and its impact area being all land lying in Township 14 North, Range 3 west of the Boise Meridian, in Sections 2, 3, 10 and 11:
   A.   Survey And Plat:
      1.   Every owner proposing a "subdivision", as defined herein, shall cause the same to be surveyed and a plat made thereof which shall particularly and accurately describe and set forth all the streets, easements, slopes, grades, elevations, public grounds, blocks or lots, and other essential information, and shall record such plat.
      2.   This subsection is not intended to prevent the filing of other plats.
   B.   Subdividing: See definition of "subdivision" in chapter 2 of this title.
   C.   Street Dedication: The dedicating of any street or alley through or along any tract of land.
   D.   Resubdivision: The resubdivision of a lot or parcel into one or more sublots except as provided for in subsections E and F of this section.
   E.   Readjustment Of Property Lines: A readjustment of property lines as shown on a recorded plat or established via a survey which does not reduce the area, frontage, width or depth of each building lot/parcel below the minimum prescribed by applicable zoning standards. In the case of a readjustment, a record of survey that conforms to Idaho Code title 55, chapter 19 shall be required. The following shall be included on the record of survey:
      1.   The original plat lot or parcel line(s) involved in the request;
      2.   The proposed location(s) of the altered line(s);
      3.   The square footage of the adjusted lots, correct street names, positions of all existing buildings, a note giving the zone standard in effect for the area or as specifically approved;
      4.   Depiction of all existing easements of record pertinent to the property(ies) involved and any newly proposed easements;
      5.   Certification and acknowledgment of the owners of property involved in the request together with a copy of the surveyor's Idaho state certification or with an imprint of the surveyor's seal or stamp witnessing that they are licensed in Idaho;
      6.   Certification that no utilities exist within an easement that will be affected by the lot line and easement adjustment;
      7.   Any recorded easements needing to be vacated be so vacated, by official action via public hearing review and vote of the city council.
   F.   Exceptions: The platting requirement and regulations governing for platting contained within this chapter shall not apply to any of the following:
      1.   One division of any original lot or parcel of land (after May 8, 1995, zoning ordinance 3-1995) into not more than two (2) lots or parcels may be done, provided that each building lot or parcel resulting from such a split meets applicable zoning standards in order to be considered by the city as "buildable" property. Any subsequent divisions will require filing for subdivision plat approval.
In the matter of a simple division of a platted lot or nonplatted parcel that does not involve a change to a recorded public right of way or easement, the person desiring the division may execute the division via a metes and bounds description provided the description will close, does not change or interfere with recorded rights of way or easements (public or private) and does/will not conflict with contiguous property boundaries. Said description may need to be written by a professional land surveyor, attorney, real estate broker, title company or civil engineer. The following shall be required:
         a.   A record of survey that conforms to Idaho Code title 55, chapter 19 shall be required.
         b.   The property owner has submitted the application form, required supporting information and the applicable fee as established by the adopted fee schedule.
      2.   Divisions occurring as a result of condemnation.
      3.   A division of land in the settlement of an estate or as part of and subject to a court ordered property distribution and layout.
      4.   A reduction in the number of lots (executed by a "density reduction survey") which does not otherwise violate any city ordinance(s).
      5.   A division of land into parcels of five (5) acres or more designated to be used solely for agricultural purposes, and which does not involve any new street dedication other than dedications widening existing streets. (Ord. 4-2015, 2-9-2015)