(A)   Any license issued under this chapter may be revoked or suspended for not more than 30 days by the Mayor and Board of Trustees by reason of a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter, following a hearing.
   (B)   When a hearing is set by the Mayor and Board of Trustees in a revocation or suspension proceeding, the licensee shall receive not less than 20 days written notice, which notice shall contain the charges made, as well as the time and place when the hearing will be held.
   (C)   At a hearing conducted pursuant to this section, the licensee shall have the right to be represented by counsel, to present witnesses, to testify and cross-examine any other witnesses. Proceedings shall be conducted under oath.
   (D)   The Mayor shall preside at the hearing and the Mayor and Board of Trustees shall make the final determination.
   (E)   If any decision adverse to the licensee is made by the Mayor and Board of Trustees after a hearing as provided above, the Mayor shall provide the licensee with the written reason or reasons for such decision, as well as a notice of the licensee's right to seek administrative review of the decision.
   (F)   The provisions of the Administrative Review Act of Illinois (ILCS Ch. 735, Act 5, §§ 3-101 et seq.) shall apply and govern all proceedings for the judicial review of final determinations of the Mayor and Board of Trustees hereunder.
(Ord. 11-1029, passed 2-10-2011)