§ 121.01  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   PRECIOUS METALS AND STONES. Any articles combining precious metals, including but not limited to silver, gold and platinum, such as, but not limited to, commemorative coins or other items of memorabilia, United States or foreign currency, or any articles containing any genuine diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire or pearl of any value and any other genuine stone or gem with a value of more than $100.
   SECOND HAND GOODS. Including but not limited to any of the following described goods, wares and merchandise which was previously owned or used by any person other than the manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer:
      (1)   Antiques and collectibles.
      (2)   Artwork, including but not limited to paintings and sculptures.
      (3)   Audio-visual equipment, including but not limited to any stereo, speaker, radio, video recorder, video camera, television set, tape or disc player.
      (4)   Bicycles.
      (5)   Cameras and other photographic instruments and equipment.
      (6)   China.
      (7)   Computers, printers, software, and computer supplies.
      (8)   Clothing.
      (9)   Crystal.
      (10)   Electronic toys and games, and related equipment.
      (11)   Electronic equipment other than electronic toys and games.
      (12)   Fur coats and other fur clothing.
      (13)   Microwave ovens and other kitchen appliances.
      (14)   Mopeds, motor-scooters or similar devices.
      (15)   Office equipment.
      (16)   Pianos, organs, guitars, and all other musical instruments.
      (17)   Precious metals and stones, as defined herein.
      (18)   Silverware and flatware.
      (19)   Small electrical appliances.
      (20)   Sports equipment.
      (21)   Telephones, including, but not limited to pager and cellular phones and other satellite signal devices.
      (22)   Tools.
      (23)   Trading cards and memorabilia.
      (24)   Valuable metals, as defined herein.
      (25)   Videotapes, digital video discs, compact discs, records, audiotapes, digital audio discs, or similar audio or audio-visual recording media.
   SECOND HAND GOODS DEALER. Any individual, corporation, business, partnership or other entity who (1) engages in the business of purchasing, selling, receiving, trading, consignment selling or otherwise transferring for value any second hand goods, as defined herein, or (2) purchases any second hand goods, as defined herein, for purposes of recycling or salvaging such items. A SECOND HAND GOODS DEALER shall not include (1) pawn brokers licensed under Village of Calumet Park Ordinance No._, (2) sales or exchanges of used articles and materials conducted or controlled by
charitable religious or community organizations, including, but limited to, schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and youth athletic groups, which accept donated items to resell for fundraising activities, and (3) residents of the village conducting garage sales held not more than two weekends every year provided such residents are not engaged therein as a business. A second hand goods dealer licensed hereunder is sometimes referred to as "licensee" herein.
   VALUABLE METALS. Aluminum, copper, lead, titanium, stainless steel, copper alloy or brass, formed as a bar, cable, rod, tubing, wire, wire scrap, clamp, connector, bushing or bearing or other appurtenances utilized or that can be utilized by persons, firms, corporations or municipal corporations engaged in either the generation, transmission or distribution of electric energy, in telephone, telegraph or other communications, or by railroads, or any copper, copper alloy or brass, or aluminum materials utilized for the purpose of plumbing, storm doors and windows, siding, or gutters of building structures or automotive parts.
(Ord. 11-1029, passed 2-10-2011)