General Provisions
   156.01   Short title
   156.02   Authority and enactment
   156.03   Compliance
   156.04   Jurisdiction
   156.05   Purpose
   156.06   Definitions
Procedures for Reviews
   156.15   Divisions or alterations of property lines where no approval is required; minor and major subdivisions
   156.16   Divisions or alterations of property lines where no local approval is required
   156.17   Minor subdivisions
   156.18   Major subdivisions; preliminary
   156.19   Major subdivisions; final approval
   156.20   Information included with preliminary and final plats
   156.21   Effect of final approval on dedications
   156.22   Recording of final plat
   156.23   Guarantee of improvements
Surveying Standards and Installation of Improvements
   156.35   Surveying standards
   156.36   Installation of improvements
General Requirements and Minimum Standards of Design
   156.45   General requirements
   156.46   Subdivision streets
   156.47   Powers and duties of County Commissioners
   156.48   Effect of failure to act within time limits
   156.49   Appeal of decisions of Planning Department or County Commissioners
   156.50   Exceptions; family subdivisions
   156.51   Variances
   156.99   Penalty
   Appendix:  Information on Preliminary and Final Plats