(a)    The head of each department or division shall do the following:
      (1)   Establish, maintain, and direct an active continuing program for the effective management of the records of that department or division as specified in the latest edition of the Ohio Municipal Records Manual. This includes an inventory of all records found in the department or division, an appraisal of those records, adoption of retention schedules for those records, and disposal of records once the retention schedules have been approved by the Records Commission, the Ohio Historical Society and the Auditor of State.
      (2)    Submit to the Records Commission, in accordance with applicable standards and procedures, records retention schedules (RC-2's) with the records series titles, the functions of the records, how they were created, and the organization of the records proposing the length of time each record series warrants retention for administrative, historical, legal, or fiscal purposes after it has been received or created by the department or division. The department or division head also shall submit to the Records Commission applications for disposals of records in the department or division head's custody that are not needed in the transaction of current business and are not otherwise scheduled for retention or destruction.
         (Ord. 2014-12. Passed 6-26-14.)