A.   Improvements: The Planning Commission may require on-site and off-site improvements as outlined within County Code or as otherwise determined necessary by the Land Use Authority based on the record as required to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.
   B.   No development shall be recorded until all of the conditions for approval have been met and all required improvements have been completed to the standards and specifications established by the county or other codes, laws, or regulations unless an improvement agreement is in place as defined by section 17.07.040. The following minimum requirements also apply:
      1.   Construction within the subdivision shall conform to all federal and state regulations.
      2.   Construction drawings and construction within the subdivision shall conform to the Cache County Ordinance and Manual of Roadway Design and Construction Standards.
   C.   Permits must be obtained for construction of the infrastructure facilities within the subdivision.
   D.   Issuance Of Permits: No permits for structures shall be issued within a development that has not completed all improvements and/or conditions. However, the Director of Development Services may, upon review of health, safety, and/or access concerns, issue permits for non-combustible construction only. (Ord. 2016-03, 4-26-2016, eff. 5-12-2016; amd. Ord. 2020-02. - -2020)