The following information is required as part of a subdivision review to establish the availability of basic services required to provide for the public health, safety, and welfare.
   A.   Water Requirements:
      1.   Domestic water rights are required for all subdivided lot(s) with the exception of subsection A1a of this section. The land use authority may also require culinary water systems on any subdivision. The required water rights shall be as approved by the State Division of Water Quality and in conformance with Utah Administrative Code R309-510.
         a.   Subdivisions may be approved with a single dry lot. Any dry lot approved shall be labeled clearly on the plat as "Dry Lot - Restricted for development until an approved domestic water right is provided." In addition to the plat notation, a certificate shall be recorded on each new dry lot created stating that the lot has been approved, but that domestic water shall be required prior to the issuance of a zoning clearance. The plat notation may be removed by the Director of Development Services upon evidence that an approved water right has been assigned to the lot.
      2.   If a water source being utilized for a lot is not located within that lot, appropriate easements and rights-of-way shall be provided and recorded with the plat, or at such time that development occurs.
      3.   The land use authority may require that secondary (irrigation) water rights for a subdivided lot(s) be established as a condition of any subdivision approval. The amount of water required shall be in conformance with Utah Administrative Code R309-510.
      4.   Any secondary water presented to fulfill the requirements of this title shall indicate the source of the water, proof of water rights, and the equivalent amount of acre feet.
   B.   Sewage Requirements:
      1.   Subdivision applications, proposing individual on-site wastewater disposal systems, shall include feasibility reports meeting the requirements of the Bear River Health Department or Utah Department of Environmental Quality, as applicable, for each lot proposed. All applicants for a subdivision where on site wastewater systems are proposed shall provide a septic tank permit or septic tank feasibility letter from the applicable authority for the entire subdivision and/or each lot proposed. The minimum lot size, as determined in each base zoning district, may be increased as required to ensure that each lot will be able to provide adequate on-site sewer treatment.
      2.   If a subdivision requires that off-site facilities be provided, appropriate easements and rights-of-way shall be required. Additionally, any engineering, site studies, or other requirements by the health department shall be conditions of approval for the proposed subdivision.
      3.   Alternative sewage treatment may be required in conformance with section 17.10.050A4b.
   C.   Fire Control: A review provided by the Cache County Fire District identifying any items related to providing the proposed subdivision with adequate fire protection and suppression services including but not limited to:
      1.   Ability to meet the requirements of the International Fire Code;
      2.   Suitable equipment access based on the needs of the proposed use including but not limited to sufficient roadway improvements (minimum width, structural stability, turn-around capabilities, year round maintenance, and other legal requirements);
      3.   Access to suitable water supply for fire protection (water tenders, hydrants, storage tanks, or as otherwise required).
   D.   School Bus Service: A review provided by the Cache County School District, identifying any items related to the provision of school bus services.
   E.   Roads And Access: A review provided by the Development Services Department that identifies the following:
      1.   Basic layout of the existing road(s) proposed to service the subdivision.
      2.   A basic analysis, to the extent possible, outlining if the existing roads meet current standards as outlined within title 12.
      3.   A review of the existing maintenance efforts, both summer (pavement preservation versus grading) and winter (snow removal services).
      4.   Additional information that would impact access issues related to the proposed subdivision or the traveling public.
   Alternatively, if the proposed subdivision is accessed directly from a state highway, an access permit as required by the state of Utah Department of Transportation shall be provided with the application materials. A UDOT review through the Cache Access Management Program shall be provided prior to Planning Commission review of the plat.
   F.   Solid Waste Disposal: If the proposed subdivision is located outside of the boundaries of Service Area #1, a garbage or refuse plan shall be provided for review by the Planning Commission.
   G.   Other Information And Materials: The Land Use Authority may require, with the reasons for such request being identified as either code requirements or items of concern as specified on the record, the applicant to provide additional information including but not limited to feasibility studies and/or evidence indicating suitability of the area for the proposed subdivision. (Ord. 2016-03, 4-26-2016, eff. 5-12-2016; amd. Ord. 2020-02, - -2020)