16.04.040: ROADS:
   A.   All roads shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the specifications found within title 12 of this code.
   B.   Private roads shall be identified on the subdivision plat with the appropriate subdivision notes.
   C.   Road patterns in the subdivision shall be in conformity with the most advantageous development of adjoining areas. The following principles shall be observed:
      1.   Where appropriate to the design and terrain, proposed roads shall be continuous and in alignment with existing planned or platted roads with which they are to connect and based on the grid system common to Cache County. Where dead end roads are proposed, the land use authority may require that a road and/or right of way be extended to the subdivision boundary to provide road connectivity and access alternatives for current, proposed, and future development.
      2.   Proposed roads shall intersect one another at right angles, or as near to as topography and other limiting factors of good design permit. (Ord. 2016-03, 4-26-2016, eff. 5-12-2016)