16.04.030: LOTS:
   A.   All subdivisions shall result in the creation of lots which are developable and capable of being built upon with the exception of agricultural remainders. A subdivision shall not create lots which would make improvement impractical due to size, shape, steepness of terrain, location of watercourses, problems of sewerage, or access grades, or other physical conditions.
   B.   All lots or parcels created by the subdivision shall have reasonable access as defined within this code.
   C.   The minimum area, dimensions, and density of all lots shall conform to the requirements of title 17 of this code for the zoning district in which the subdivision is located.
   D.   A lot shall not be divided by an incorporated town or county limit line. No permits shall be issued on any lot/parcel that is divided by a municipal jurisdictional line except for agricultural buildings.
   E.   Lot numbers shall begin with the number "1" and shall continue consecutively through the subdivision, with no omissions or duplications; no block designations shall be used. (Ord. 2016-03, 4-26-2016, eff. 5-12-2016)