A.   Clean Up Fee:
      1.   Assessing Fee: To ensure that the properties utilized in the county are restored to their original condition after the event, a fee may be assessed to the event organizer. If, upon inspection of the properties after the event, it is the county's determination that additional cleanup is required, the county will assess a fee for the actual cost of cleanup incurred by the county.
   B.   Signage:
      1.   Any signs used as part of a permitted expressive activity or a spontaneous event must be carried by hand or supported by lathe-type sticks only and may not exceed twenty four inches by thirty six inches (24" x 36") in size.
      2.   Prohibited sign materials include metal, wood, and other similar rigid substances that have the potential to inflict bodily injury or property damage.
      3.   Signs and placards are prohibited from public meetings and public hearings before a recognized county agency, board, commission, and/or council. Any information a member of the public wishes to be reviewed in a public meeting or public hearing must be presented on eight and a half inches by eleven inches (8.5" x 11") size paper or similar material for distribution to the members of the recognized County agency, board, commission, and/or council.
   C.   Concealment Of Identity: Participants in expressive activities, at public meetings, or in special events may not deliberately attempt to conceal their identity by the use of masks or other facial coverings. Participants' faces must be visible at all times. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis for religious head coverings (i.e. for a burqa or niqab).
   D.   Public Participation At Public Meetings And Public Hearings:
      1.   Any member of the public who desires to speak at a public meeting and/or public hearing may do so when the county agency, board, commission, or council formally opens a public hearing or invites the public to comment on an agenda item.
      2.   Public comments must be delivered at the designated podium and the length of comments may be limited by the chairperson.
      3.   Members of the public who comment from the audience, interrupt others speaking at the podium, or otherwise cause a disturbance during a public meeting and/or public hearing may be removed at the discretion of the chairperson. (Ord. 2019-07, 11-26-2019)