A.   Director, Or Designee, Action: The Development Services Office will review the application and responses from the other departments and agencies and has the authority to:
      1.   Approve;
      2.   Approve with conditions;
      3.   Issue a letter to the applicant outlining the outstanding requirements or modifications; or
      4.   Deny, specifying the grounds for denial of an application.
   B.   Effect Of Approval: Approval of a special event permit authorizes an applicant to engage in the event as approved and subject to any conditions of approval as imposed by the Director, or designee.
   C.   Right To Deny: Cache County reserves the right to deny permit applications for proposed special events which pose a significant danger or threat to the public health, safety or welfare, or which may result in unreasonable inconvenience or cost to the public.
   D.   Non-Compliance: If an applicant does not comply with the requirements placed upon them through the permitting process, the county reserves the right to deny or revoke any application or permit granted. The county additionally reserves the right to deny any future applications for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of granting a prior special event permit.
   E.   Appeal: A denial of the application for a special event permit may be appealed to the Cache County Executive. An appeal must be submitted to the Cache County Executive within seven (7) calendar days after the applicant received notice of the administrative denial. All appeals must be in writing and must state the specific grounds for the appeal.
   F.   Amendment: The procedure for amending a special event permit is the same as the original procedure set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 2019-07, 11-26-2019)