A.   Application Submittal: Each applicant for a special event permit must submit a special event application and fee to the Cache County Development Services Department for review. The application form must reflect the requirements of this code. See Consolidated Fee Schedule for amount of fee.
      1.   Special event applications can be submitted no earlier than six (6) months prior to the date of the event.
      2.   Applications must be submitted at least forty five (45) calendar days in advance of the special event.
      3.   Applications submitted fewer than forty five (45) calendar days in advance of the special event will not be accepted, unless the following criteria are all met:
         a.   The special event applicant is a first-time applicant;
         b.   The director or designee determines there is still adequate time to review the application; and
         c.   Double application fees are paid to defray the increased costs of expediting the application.
   B.   Submittal Requirements: All applications for special event permits shall be made on a special event permit application form and shall include the following information:
      1.   Type and description of event;
      2.   Name of person or entity organizing the event, contact person, address and telephone number;
      3.   Proposed date(s) of the event, together with beginning and ending times for each date;
      4.   Proposed location, including a plat or map of the area to be used, including any barricade, street route plans, or perimeter/security fencing;
      5.   Written approval of the property owner, if the applicant is not the owner of the property on which the special event is to take place.
      6.   Estimated numbers of event staff, participants and spectators;
      7.   Public health plans, including plans for culinary water supplies, solid waste collections and disposal and waste water (toilet facilities);
      8.   Fire prevention and emergency medical services plans;
      9.   Security plans and/or law enforcement response;
      10.   Admission fee, donation, or other consideration to be charged or requested;
      11.   Plans for parking;
      12.   Proof that the applicant has obtained any applicable county, state, or other governmental agency approvals, permits, or licenses; and
      13.   Signature of applicant.
   C.   Fees:
      1.   Application Fee: Each special event permit application must be accompanied by the non-refundable application fee. See Consolidated Fee Schedule for amount of fee. All application fees are due upon application. Applications will be considered incomplete until the application fee is paid in full.
      2.   Fee Exemption: The following special events are exempt from the non-refundable application fee but may be subject to the fees of other agencies or departments:
         a.   Expressive activity;
         b.   Event sponsored by a religious organization on private property;
         c.   Event sponsored in whole or part by the county or a municipality;
         d.   Block party or family reunion;
         e.   Revenue-raising event where the revenue directly benefits the Cache County government; and
         f.   Events where the county or a municipality is the primary sponsor.
      3.   County Services Fees: Upon review of a completed special event permit application by the departments listed in section 8.40.050B, the individual departments will provide the applicant with an estimate of their fees based on the estimated costs for county services arising from the event. The applicant must pay those additional fees directly to the individual departments providing services for the event, and the fees must be paid prior to the issuance of the special event permit.
      4.   No Vested Right: The payment of fees and/or acceptance of fees by the county does not constitute approval, vesting, or signify that the application is complete or appropriate in any manner. The collection of the non-refundable application fee is required to begin the review process. (Ord. 2012-03, 4-24-2012, eff. 5-9-2012; amd. Ord. 2019-07, 11-26-2019; Ord. 2021-22, 12-14-2021, eff. 1- 1-2022)