The following signs shall be prohibited.
   12.4.1   Signs interfering with traffic safety. Any sign that obstructs the view of pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorists using any street, the approach to any street intersection, or which interferes with the effectiveness of, or obscures, any traffic sign, device, or signal as determined by the Ordinance Administrator.
   12.4.2   Signs misconstrued as regulatory. Signs which contain lights, rotating disks, words, and other devices not erected by a public authority, which may be erroneously construed as regulatory signs or emergency warning signs. An example of this is a sign which contains a picture of a traffic sign plus the word “Stop” or “Yield”.
   12.4.3   Signs within the right-of-way. Any sign (other than a regulatory sign), banner, or display placed on any curb, sidewalk, post, pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, or other surface located on, over, or across any street or right-of-way, or any banner placed on stakes on a property, unless otherwise permitted.
   12.4.4   Signs blocking existing signs. Any sign located in such a way as to intentionally deny visual access to another existing sign.
   12.4.5   Flashing signs. Signs with flashing or reflective disks, signs with flashing lights or lights of changing degree of intensity or color (except regulatory signs).
   12.4.6   Signs on stakes. Pole signs or signs on metal or wood stakes which are not affixed to a permanent foundation (excluding regulatory signs and temporary election signs).
   12.4.7   Portable signs. Portable signs, including marquee signs with wheels and axles that have been removed and placed on permanent foundations.
   12.4.8   Vehicular signs. Vehicular signs placed or parked in such a manner as to advertise a business or product from any street right-of-way. This also includes billboards or outdoor advertising signs mounted to the bed of a truck.
   12.4.9   Moving or rotating signs. Signs which rotate or have any mechanical or wind-driven components that cause the sign to move or transform.
   12.4.10   Roof signs. Roof signs that extend above the soffit of a pitched roof, or above the highest point of a mansard roof or parapet wall.
   12.4.11   Off-premises commercial signs. Signs containing a commercial message which are not located on the same parcel as the business, product, or service being advertised. This shall not apply to outdoor advertising signs (billboards) which comply fully with the requirements of this article and all other applicable state and federal regulations.
   12.4.12   Inflatable signs. Inflatable signs (including inflated balloons with a diameter of greater than two feet) except as allowed as part of a temporary display as part of a holiday or civic event.