The purpose of this article is to support and complement the various land uses allowed in the town’s jurisdiction through the regulation of signs. More specifically, the intent of this article is to:
   12.1.1   Encourage effective use. Encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication in the town;
   12.1.2   Maintain and enhance character. To maintain and enhance the beauty and unique character and enhance the aesthetic environment of the town by eliminating visual blight;
   12.1.3   Enhance economic growth. To enhance the town’s ability to attract sources of economic growth and development;
   12.1.4   Maintain safe conditions. To protect pedestrians and motorists of the town from damage or injury caused or partially attributed to the distractions and obstructions caused by improper size and location of signs;
   12.1.5   Minimize adverse effects. To minimize the possible adverse effect of signs on public and private property; and
   12.1.6   Promote public health, safety, and welfare. To promote public safety, health, welfare, convenience, enjoyment of travel, and the free and safe flow of traffic within the town’s jurisdiction.