Landscaped planting areas shall be required for all motor vehicle use areas which are associated with land development activities subject to the requirements of this article. These planting areas shall conform to the following requirements.
   9.6.1   One landscaped planting area shall be required for every 2,500 square feet of motor vehicle use area.
   9.6.2   Planting areas may be located along the edges of motor vehicle use areas, or within the interior as raised islands or medians.
   9.6.3   Each planting area shall have a minimum area of 250 square feet and a minimum radius of seven feet
   9.6.4   Each planting area shall contain at least one tree with a minimum height of eight feet and a minimum diameter of two inches, as measured six inches above ground level, at the time of installation.
   9.6.5   Each parking space within a motor vehicle use area is required to be within at least 60 feet of the trunk of a required tree.
   9.6.6   For loading docks and other maneuvering areas where the placement of trees within the interior of the site is impractical, the required number of trees may be clustered around the edge of such areas with the approval of the Ordinance Administrator.
   9.6.7   Trees planted or preserved to satisfy streetyard, buffering, or tree preservation requirements may be used to partially satisfy the requirements of this article, provided that no parking space shall be located more than 60 feet from the trunk of a required tree.