It is the intent of this article to modify and enhance the character of the streetscape and motor vehicle use areas through the introduction of natural vegetation and landscaping, without unduly burdening property owners, in order to:
   9.1.1   Promote and increase design compatibility between different land uses, while ensuring attractive views from streets and adjacent properties;
   9.1.2   Delineate the separations of spaces, structures, uses, and activities on a site, or between adjacent sites;
   9.1.3   Enhance and maintain property values and the aesthetic quality and character of the community;
   9.1.4   Enhance the streetscape by abating glare, filtering the air of dust, providing shade, attenuating noise, and reducing the visual impact of large expanses of pavement;
   9.1.5   Promote the preservation of open space, the existing tree canopy, and natural vegetation; and
   9.1.6   Improve the quality of the built and natural environments through air quality enhancements, energy conservation, reductions in the amount and rate of stormwater runoff and erosion, stormwater runoff quality improvements, and an increase in groundwater recharge capacity.