12.5.1   General standards. All permitted signs shall comply with the following general standards.
      (A)   The scale of a sign shall be appropriate for the building on which it is located.
      (B)   Signs shall be integrated with the design of the building and shall not obscure architectural features.
      (C)   Any structurally-unsafe sign that endangers the public safety shall be immediately removed or repaired and made compliant with the requirements of this ordinance.
      (D)   No sign shall be located so as to impair traffic visibility.
      (E)   Non-commercial message. Whenever the LDO permits a commercial sign, a non-commercial message may be substituted for the commercial message. The right to substitute the non-commercial message does not waive any other requirement imposed by the LDO as to the number, size, type, construction, location, lighting, safety or other regulated attribute.
   12.5.2   Computation of sign area.
      (A)   The area of a sign face (which is also the sign area of a wall sign or other sign with only one face) shall be computed by means of the smallest polygon that will encompass the limits of the writing, emblem, or other display, together with any material or color forming an integral part of the background of the display or used to differentiate the sign from the backdrop or structure against which it is placed, but not including any supporting framework, base, bracing, or decorative fence or wall when such fence or wall otherwise meets the regulations of this ordinance and is clearly incidental to the display itself. Street address numbers are not included within the sign copy area.
      (B)   For a single wall, all pieces of information or other graphic representations within a grouping on that wall shall be measured as though part of one sign, encompassed within one rectangle, which may not exceed the permitted total wall area to which the sign is affixed. For a single wall on a multi-occupant building, the area of signs shall be computed using these principles, and the aggregate copy of each.
   12.5.3   Authority to remove signs from right-of-way. Except where authorized, signs within a public right-of-way shall be prohibited. The town may remove and dispose of any sign located in the public right-of-way without providing prior notice to the sign’s owner.
(Ord. A.21.01, passed 6-3-2021)