The following types of signs shall be exempt from the requirement to obtain a land development permit, and may be located on a lot within any Base Zoning District provided the sign is located outside the right-of-way and complies with all applicable requirements in this section.
   12.3.1   Commercial signs.
   (A)   Drive through service menu boards which are not visible from a public right-of-way and do not exceed 32 square feet in area.
   (B)   Internally-directed signage, including banners, placards, and scoreboards, located within athletic fields and stadiums.
   (C)   Signs denoting a product being sold out of a vending machine or self-service container that distributes product(s) following deposition of money into the machine, provided that the sign does not exceed six square feet in area and is not legible from a public right-of-way.
   12.3.2   Fuel sales signs.
   (A)   Gasoline price or self-service signs of two square feet or less associated with a Retail Sales and Service Use selling gasoline, provided the signs are secured to a gasoline pump.
   (B)   One freestanding gasoline price sign less than nine square feet in area associated with a retail establishment selling gasoline, provided the sign is located outside of the street right-of-way.
   (C)   One state vehicle inspection station sign located outside of the street right-of-way.
   12.3.3   Historic or public interest signs.
   (A)   Public interest and incidental signs less than two square feet in size, including “Warning” and “No Trespassing” signs.
   (B)   Historical plaques mounted in accordance with the United States Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.
   (C)   Temporary displays as part of a holiday or civic event.
   (D)   Flags, pennants, insignia, or religious symbols of any government, non-profit, or not-for-profit organization provided:
      (1)   Such signs are not associated with commercial promotion; or used as an advertising device;
      (2)   No pole displaying such signage exceeds 35 feet in height;
      (3)   Flags, except those representing United States government bodies, do not exceed 60 square feet in size; and
      (4)   Signs are limited to a maximum of three per site.
   12.3.4   Political campaign signs. Campaign and election signs provided:
      (A)   Nothing in this section is intended to preempt any other relevant state or federal law regarding political campaign signs. All signs placed in rights of way controlled and maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation shall comply with the requirements of G.S. § 136-32;
      (B)   No sign exceeds 12 square feet in area;
      (C)   No sign is erected more than 60 days prior to the election for which it is intended;
      (D)   Signs are removed within seven days following the election for which they are intended;
      (E)   All signs are placed outside of the right-of-way in locations which do not obstruct the vision of motorists;
      (F)   No sign is placed on town property.
   12.3.5   Produce stand signs. Produce stand signs provided:
   (A)   Signs are limited to a maximum of one per stand, and shall be located on the same site as where the products for sale are produced;
   (B)   The sign is located outside of the right-of-way and at least ten feet from any side lot line;
   (C)   The sign has a maximum area of 12 square feet; and
   (D)   The sign is not illuminated.
   12.3.6   Real estate signs. Temporary real estate signs advertising a specific property for sale, lease, rent, or temporary construction signs provided:
   (A)   There is no more than one sign per street frontage;
   (B)   Signs do not exceed a maximum of ten square feet in area per sign on a lot in a residential Base Zoning District and 32 square feet per sign on a lot in any other Base Zoning District;
   (C)   Signs on corner lots are located at least 100 linear feet apart as measured by the shortest straight line between them;
   (D)   Signs are removed within seven days after the property is sold, rented, leased, or construction has been completed; and
   (E)   No sign is illuminated.
   12.3.7   Regulatory and informational signs.
   (A)   Regulatory signs, such as traffic-control signage, and NCDOT signs.
   (B)   Memorial signs or grave markers that are noncommercial in nature.
   (C)   Integral decorative or architectural features of buildings or works of art, provided such features or works do not contain trademarks or advertising messages.
   (D)   Up to two wall-mounted incidental signs including tenant identification, historical markers, or bulletin boards not exceeding six square feet in area.
   (E)   On-premises directional and instructional signs not exceeding six square feet in area.
   (F)   One subdivision identification sign located at each entrance to the subdivision, provided the sign has a maximum height of six feet and does not exceed 36 square feet in area per face.
   (G)   Single-family dwelling identification signs depicting an address or resident’s name, provided the sign does not:
      (1)   Advertise a home occupation use;
      (2)   Exceed three square feet in area; or
      (3)   Exceed one per single-family dwelling.
   12.3.8   Temporary signs.
      (A)   Temporary special event signs and banners with non-commercial messages, including for example events sponsored by government and non-profit organizations, provided:
         (1)   Signs are erected no sooner than 30 days prior and removed no later than two days after the event;
         (2)   No sign exceeds 32 square feet in area;
         (3)   Signs are not illuminated;
         (4)   Signs are placed at least five feet behind the right-of-way and out of any sight triangles, and must have property owner’s approval to post a sign on their property;
         (5)   Signs are limited to a maximum of four special events per organization per calendar year; and
         (6)   Signs are limited to a maximum of one on-premises sign or banner and three off-premises signs or banners.
      (B)   On-premises pennants, flags, and streamers for special events and grand openings associated with nonresidential for-profit uses may be permitted for one consecutive 30-day period per establishment per calendar year.
      (C)   Temporary banners associated with for-profit nonresidential use, provided they are:
         (1)   Limited to a maximum of 75 square feet in area;
         (2)   Attached to the primary facade of a principal structure or set back 50 feet from the right-of-way;
         (3)   Not attached to a roof structure or an existing sign face;
         (4)   Not located above the second floor level;
         (5)   Limited to a maximum of two special events per establishment per calendar year, for periods not to exceed 15 consecutive days; and
         (6)   Removed within two days of the event’s conclusion.
   12.3.9   Window signs. Window signs on the ground floor of a commercial use provided the window sign(s) occupies less than 50% of the total window area on the building side where it is located.
   12.3.10   Yard sale signs. Yard sale signs, provided they are:
      (A)   Limited to one on-premises sign per yard sale;
      (B)   No larger than four square feet in area;
      (C)   Not affixed to a utility pole or other sign; and
      (D)   Removed within two hours after the end of the yard sale.
(Ord. A.21.01, passed 6-3-2021)