General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Fiscal year
   51.003   Metering; rates
   51.004   Separate premises or unit
   51.005   No free service; unlawful use
   51.006   System use; compliance required
   51.007   Control and supervision
Use of System
   51.020   Damage to system prohibited
   51.021   Obstruction of hydrant or fixture prohibited
   51.022   Unauthorized turn-on or turn-off prohibited
   51.023   Unauthorized connection prohibited
   51.024   Contamination prohibited
   51.025   Equipment damage due to neglect; owner responsibility
   51.026   Terminated service
   51.027   Subdivision of single dwelling; separate meter
   51.028   Water pass-through or resale prohibited
   51.029   Endangered supply; emergency use restrictions; notice
Construction and Connections
   51.040   Watermain installation; plan approval required
   51.041   County standards adopted by reference; installation and materials; specifications
   51.042   Maintenance responsibility
   51.043   Connection; permit application required
   51.044   Fire protection pipes; connection for potable use restricted
   51.045   Application for connection outside city
   51.046   Temporary service
   51.047   Service shut-off; liability disclaimer
   51.048   Turn-on; damage to facilities; liability disclaimer
   51.049   Electrical ground connections to water pipes; disclaimer; service discontinuance
   51.060   Location
   51.061   Tampering prohibited
   51.062   Meter reading; right of entry
   51.063   Testing
   51.064   Bypass prohibited
   51.065   Special meter reading; charge
   51.066   Lawn meters; sewer charge
   51.067   Meters property of Department
Private Water Supply; Wells
   51.080   Well water for human consumption; certificate required
   51.081   Lease or use of structure with uncertified water supply prohibited
   51.082   Wells; application for inspection
   51.083   Unwholesome well a nuisance; abatement
   51.084   Interference with inspection or abatement prohibited
   51.085   Water meters on private supply
   51.086   Private water supply; prevention of entrance to public supply
   51.100   State rules adopted by reference
   51.101   Right of inspection; right of entry
   51.102   Violations; service discontinuance
   51.103   Protection of potable supply; label non-potable water outlet
Fire Hydrants
   51.115   Fire hydrants; specifications
   51.116   Unauthorized use; obstruction prohibited
   51.117   Repair or replacement; expense
   51.118   Fire hydrant fee; disposition
   51.119   (Reserved for future use)
   51.120   Fire hydrant availability; assessment fee
Rates and Charges
   51.135   Connection charges
   51.136   Inspection and approval fees
   51.137   Unit classification of premises
   51.138   (Reserved for future use)
   51.139   Temporary vacancy
   51.140   Multiple units on single meter
   51.141   Emergency repairs; expense
   51.142   Right of termination; right to dispute; notice; nuisance; outstanding invoice
   51.143   Billing; delinquent payment; discontinued service
   51.144   Lien of delinquent accounts; rental property responsibility
   51.145   Service rates
Administration and Enforcement
   51.160   Application of regulations to county or other supplier to city
   51.161   Enforcement action
   51.162   Violations by minor or employee; responsibility
   51.163   Fee amendments