(A)   In the event that the columbarium requires repairs in order to maintain its integrity, the lessee(s) agrees to permit the temporary removal of any cremains until those repairs are completed. The cremains will be returned to the proper niche by the township.
   (B)   If cremains must be removed from the columbarium by the family or an authorized person, a written request must be made to the township. This request must explain the reason for the removal, who is making the request, their relationship to the deceased, the day and time requested for the removal, and who will take possession of the cremains. Additional information or documentation may be required.
   (C)   An opening and closing fee will be assessed at the time of the opening at the current rate. The township will exercise reasonable care in making a removal, but it assumes no liability for damage to any urn in the process of making a removal.
   (D)   The cost of a vacated niche will be refunded to the lessee or the lessee's family.
   (E)   If a niche's cover has already been engraved, the cost of replacement cover is not the responsibility of the township. Replacement covers can be obtained from the township at the current rate.
(Res. 2020-08-17.0, passed 8-17-2020)