(A)   Upon payment in full, a Columbarium Right Agreement will be given to the person or persons who purchased the rights to the niche (hereby known as the lessee(s)). This is their proof of payment and should be kept in a safe place that is known to family members or friends. The lessee(s) will receive a copy of the Columbarium Rules and Regulations.
   (B)   The holder of the Agreement acquires no property rights in the columbarium or any of its niches. Legal title to the columbarium and niches remains with the township at all times. The Agreement attests only to the right to inter cremains of the person(s) named on the Agreement in the specific niche, also stated on the Agreement, pursuant to the Columbarium Rules and Regulations, as amended from time to time. In the event of a discrepancy between the Agreement and the administrative records, the latter shall take preference.
   (C)   Columbarium Right Agreements for a niche can only be made through the township. A niche must be paid in full before internment. There will be no exceptions to this rule. The township will buy back a niche from the owner for the original price paid upon written request of said owner or his/her legal heirs or representatives.
   (D)   A niche reservation cannot be transferred or sold without first notifying the township. A new Columbarium Right Agreement in the name of the new lessee(s) must be written before any niche transfer is considered legal.
(Res. 2020-08-17.0, passed 8-17-2020)