(A)   The township is responsible for the reservation and maintenance of columbarium niches. The township will establish records regarding the columbarium. These records will include the names of those who have reserved a niche, copies of Columbarium Right Agreements, copies of Certificates of Cremation, Columbarium Rules and Regulations and Niche Maintenance Reports.
   (B)   A columbarium niche is for the internment of human remains only. Deceased pets, valuables, flowers, mementoes, etc. will not be allowed in a niche.
   (C)   Niche openings can only be performed by township employees. Anyone, other than a township employee, who attempts to open a niche, will be prosecuted under state and local laws. Any acts of vandalism will also be prosecuted under state and local laws.
   (D)   The township will be responsible for repairs to the columbarium. The township will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of interred remains. However, the township will not be held responsible for the loss or destruction of interred remains due to vandalism, acts of nature or any unforeseen circumstances.
(Res. 2020-08-17.0, passed 8-17-2020)