(A)   All monument bases (foundations) upon which any monument, marker or other approved memorial must be placed shall be constructed by the township.
      (1)   Foundations shall be of sufficient depth to support the headstone, and in all cases must extend three inches beyond the monument on all four sides.
      (2)   Costs are to be borne by the owner of the burial right, with payment in advance, unless paid by the monument company before placement.
      (3)   The township shall establish and maintain a schedule of foundation fees calculated on a per square inch basis.
      (4)   All markers or monuments, installed after the effective date of this chapter, shall be made of memorial grade granite, marble or bronze.
   (B)   Markers and/or monuments shall not be smaller than 16 inches by eight inches in base size nor shall they exceed 36 inches in length for a single burial space, 72 inches in length for a double space, and in all cases shall not exceed a maximum of 18 inches in width. Only one monument, marker or other above ground memorial shall be permitted per burial space.
   (C)   A monument or marker located at the head of the burial space shall be parallel to the head of the burial space line, facing east with the exception of sections of the cemetery where monuments placed facing west prior to the ordinance codified herein. New monuments placed in these sections of the cemetery will face west to remain consistent with other monuments in the section. Engraving is allowed on both sides of a monument. A monument or marker may be placed at the foot of a grave, provided it is flush with the surface of the ground.
   (D)   A monument or marker shall not be delivered or installed upon burial spaces until foundations have been installed and paid for. Orders for foundations shall be placed a minimum of three weeks in advance. Foundations will not be poured during winter months, unless weather permits, and only at the discretion of the township.
   (E)   The Township Board has the authority to deem a monument, marker or other memorial to be inconsistent with the existing markers, or contrary to the standards in the community or similar cemeteries in the area and thus prohibit it from being placed in the cemetery. Approval of the location of a monument must be obtained from the Sexton and/or the Township Clerk before a monument is set.
(Ord. 02-01, passed 5-20-2002; Ord. 02-01, passed 4-16-2012)  Penalty, see § 91.99