(A)   Hereafter, cemetery lots or burial spaces shall be leased only for the purpose of the burial of the purchaser, his or her heirs at law, parents, siblings or spouse. Lots shall not be purchased for speculation purposes. Lots shall be designated for burial of an individual person at the time of leasing. The lessee may provide that if the burial space is not used for the final burial of the designated person, within one year of the designated person’s death, the rights under the lease shall be transferred to an identified person. Any subsequent designee may also designate a transferee for the burial space in the event the burial space is not used for his or her final burial. If at any time the original designee or subsequent designee is not buried in the burial space within one year of the death of that person and no court order designates the leased burial space as being transferred to any heir, the lease shall terminate and all right, title and interest in the burial space shall vest with Burtchville Township.
   (B)   All leases shall be recorded on a form approved by the Township Board. The form grants only the right of burial and does not convey any other right to the lot or burial space lease. The Township Clerk shall complete and, along with the Supervisor, sign the form. The lease shall be subject to the rules and regulations set forth herein and as may be adopted or amended by the Burtchville Township Board from time to time.
(Ord. 02-01, passed 5-20-2002; Ord. 02-01, passed 4-16-2012)