(A)   Hazard To Traffic: No sign permitted by this title shall, by reason of its location, color or intensity, create a hazard to the safe, efficient movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic. No private sign shall contain words which might be construed as traffic controls, such as "Stop", "Caution", "Warning", etc., unless such sign is needed to direct traffic on the premises.
   (B)   Maintenance: All signs and sign structures shall be properly maintained in a safe, orderly condition at all times, including the replacement of defective parts, cleaning and other items required for maintenance of the sign. Vegetation around, in front of, behind, and underneath the base of ground signs for a distance of ten feet (10') shall be neatly trimmed and free of weeds, and no rubbish or debris that would constitute a fire or health hazard shall be permitted under or near the sign.
   (C)   Construction: All signs shall be constructed in accordance with the Minnesota State Building Code and the National Electrical Code. No changeable copy, illuminated architectural feature or dynamic display billboard sign shall exceed five hundred (500) nits (candelas per square meter) at night or seven thousand five hundred (7,500) nits during the day.
   (D)   Location: No sign shall be erected, placed or maintained on, fences, trees, power and light poles or the supports thereof, except as allowed at special events or as a temporary banner. Signs on rocks shall be allowed if they use metal letters and numbers or the commercial message is etched into the surface of the rock.
   (E)   Electricity: All signs utilizing electricity shall be subject to the State's Electrical Code and electrical service wiring shall be buried or concealed.
   (F)   Placement In Right-Of-Way: No signs other than governmental signs shall be erected or temporarily placed within any street rights-of-way or upon any public lands or easements or rights-of-way, except by conditional use permit or otherwise provided in this chapter.
   (G)   Obstruction: No sign or sign structure shall be erected or maintained if it prevents free ingress or egress from any door, window or fire escape. No sign or sign structure shall be attached to a standpipe or fire escape.
   (H)   Address Signs: A minimum of one address sign identifying the correct property number as assigned by the City shall be required on each principal building in all districts. Such sign shall be of sufficient size to be legible from the nearest street yet shall not exceed nine (9) square feet in area. The numbers shall be metal, glass, plastic or durable material and the numbers shall not be less than four inches (4") in height, in a contrasting color to the base or made of some reflective material and so placed to be easily seen from the street.
   (I)   Seasonal Decoration: No seasonal/holiday decoration shall be allowed on or within the right-of-way.
   (J)   Message: Commercial message of the sign shall be neat and orderly and not obscene. The signs shall be professionally prepared.
   (K)   Illumination In B-1 And B-2: Signs in all B-1 and B-2 Districts may only be illuminated during business hours, or until eleven o'clock (11:00) P.M., whichever is later.
   (L)   External Lighting: Signs with external lighting shall have no exposed light sources or fixtures unless decorative fixtures are utilized and the light source is fully concealed and diffused. If a wall sign is mounted above the first floor of a building, the illumination, if any, shall be internal. Dynamic display billboards shall be exempt from this section and shall be subject to the provisions of subsection 10-30-9(P) of this chapter.
   (M)   Angle Between Faces: The maximum angle permitted between faces of a double face freestanding sign is sixty degrees (60°), anything less is one sign, anything more is two (2) signs.
   (N)   Illuminated Architectural Features: Illuminated architectural features or portions thereof, not defined as signage or a canopy sign, shall be applied at the rate of one- third (1/3) the architectural feature area toward the maximum allowable sign area permitted in section 10-30-15, table A of this chapter. Illuminated architectural features shall include, but not be limited to, wall, roof and window mounted linear lighting, the wall surface between multiple rows of linear lighting, illuminated sign bands, backlit canopies, awnings or wall banding features, strings of light bulbs, etc. The color, illumination or intensity of these features shall not change more frequently than one time for every thirty (30) second interval. No scrolling, flashing, continuous movement or other motion shall be permitted. Each illuminated architectural feature must have a light sensing device that will adjust the brightness of the display as the natural ambient light conditions change.
   (O)   Banner Sign Standards: All temporary banner signs allowed within this chapter for more than ten (10) days shall meet the following design standards:
      1.   Banners shall be constructed with top and bottom ropes seamed into the banner.
      2.   Minimum twelve (12) ounce weight vinyl material.
      3.   Minimum two hundred forty (240) pounds per square yard of tensile strength.
      4.   Minimum one hundred ten (110) pounds per square yard of tear strength.
      5.   Banner signs located on buildings shall be stretched taut and securely attached.
(Ord. 1332, 12-2-2014; Ord. 1432, 8-22-2017; Ord. 1447, 1-16-2018; Ord. 1497, 10-8-2019)