A home occupation, including short term home rentals permitted under section 3-31-3 of this Code, may be conducted in a residential dwelling in any residential zoning district subject to the following requirements:
   (A)   Exterior Parking:
      1.   Exterior parking of vehicles in excess of twenty two feet (22') in length is prohibited.
      2.   No more than four (4) vehicles related to the home occupation, including customer vehicles, may be parked on the property outside a garage. Vehicles parked outside a garage may only be parked on driveways surfaced with concrete, bituminous, or brick pavers.
      3.   Exterior parking of trailers, bobcats, landscaping equipment, cement mixers, and other similar types of equipment used in the home occupation is prohibited.
   (B)   Employees: Only residents of the dwelling may engage in or conduct the home occupation in the home except:
      1.   One nonresident if, by reason of physical or medical condition, the owner would not, in the absence of such assistance, be able to conduct the home occupation, or
      2.   One nonresident individual.
   (C)   Accessory Use Of The Property: The home occupation shall be conducted entirely within the principal dwelling. Occasional use may be made of a backyard for activities not involving manufacturing, assembly, or fabricating if such use does not create a nuisance or violate the City's noise standard. The home occupation may not be conducted in accessory buildings or in attached or detached garages. Exterior storage is prohibited. Garages may be used for storage if sufficient room is maintained for the number of vehicles for which the garage is designed.
   (D)   Appearance:
      1.   Except for customer and delivery vehicles, and one nonilluminated nameplate sign not larger than two (2) square feet affixed to the dwelling immediately adjacent to the entrance used for business access and except as otherwise expressly authorized by this chapter, there shall be no evidence of the occupation, activity, or business use visible, audible, or with an odor detectable from the exterior of the dwelling.
      2.   No structural changes to the dwelling or residential driveway shall be permitted which are inconsistent with the residential use and appearance of the property.
   (E)   Public Health: The use of dumpsters in conjunction with the home occupation is prohibited.
   (F)   General Restrictions:
      1.   Except for short term home rental to transients, customer visits related to the home occupation shall be allowed only during the hours of seven o'clock (7:00) A.M. to ten o'clock (10:00) P.M. Monday through Saturday. Deliveries and pickups related to the home occupation shall only be allowed during the hours of eight o'clock (8:00) A.M. to six o'clock (6:00) P.M. Monday through Saturday.
      2.   Sales of goods shall be allowed only if incidental to, and made at the time of, the primary provision of a business service.
      3.   Deliveries may not be made by semitrailer truck.
      4.   No business activity may be conducted which is illegal or prohibited under any other City ordinance or applicable law. (Ord. 1445, 12-5-2017)