In order to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of Burnsville, the following regulations shall apply:
   (A)   Permanent Restrictions On Sprinkling:
      1.   Use of the city water supply system for lawn or garden sprinkling or other irrigation shall be limited to an odd-even schedule. Odd numbered addresses shall water only on odd numbered days. Even numbered addresses shall water only on even numbered days. Multi-family residences, businesses with multiple addresses, and properties without an apparent address shall water on odd numbered days. Whenever there are thirty one (31) days in a month, the thirty first day is a day that both odd and even properties can water.
      2.   No lawn or garden sprinkling or other irrigation shall occur between the hours of eleven o'clock (11:00) A.M. and three o'clock (3:00) P.M. daily from April 1 to September 30.
      3.   These permanent restrictions on sprinkling shall not apply to the watering of new seed or sod; new landscaping; or any other plant materials that require daily watering, including, but not limited to, golf greens and tees, and athletic fields with special soil conditions, plantings in pots and baskets, and vegetable gardens.
      4.   Properties with automatic irrigation systems that cannot water the entire property within a single day under the permanent restrictions may, after notifying the city in advance and upon approval by the city, water half the property each day. The midday water restriction still applies to these properties. (Ord. 1133, 9-2-2008)
   (B)   Definition: "Water shortage" means the city's production of water is less than the consumption of water by users so that the municipal water supply is less than the minimal levels necessary to adequately provide fire protection for the city and potable water for the residents' drinking and sanitary needs.
   (C)   Water Shortage Determination: The city council shall determine from time to time by resolution when there is a water shortage within the city's municipal water system. In case of emergency, the city manager may determine a water shortage exists and institute restrictions without a council resolution; provided, that such a determination and restrictions shall only be effective until the manager determines the emergency has ended or the next council meeting, whichever occurs first. Depending upon the cause and severity of the shortage, additional limitations may be placed on the use of water from the city water supply system for lawn and garden sprinkling, irrigation, car washing, air conditioning, and other uses of water as specified by the city manager's notification.
   (D)   Notification Of Water Shortage: Whenever a water shortage exists, the manager may notify users of the municipal water system that additional use restrictions are being implemented. The notice shall be posted on the city's bulletin board, may be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the city, and may be broadcast by television and radio stations. The notice shall include the following information:
      1.   Uses of the municipal water system which will be restricted.
      2.   Times during which the restrictions will apply.
      3.   Whether the use restrictions will be absolute or vary depending upon location or identification of property.
      4.   When the restrictions will be implemented and when they will terminate.
      5.   Fees and penalties for noncompliance.
   (E)   Fees for violating the permanent or temporary water restrictions shall be added to the water bill of the offending property according to the following schedule:
First violation within a calendar year
Warning only
Second violation within a calendar year
$ 25.00
Third violation within a calendar year
Fourth violation within a calendar year
Fifth violation within a calendar year
(Ord. 918, 5-3-2004)