Except as otherwise provided, no person shall keep any animal other than a household pet within the city. No more than three (3) dogs over the age of four (4) months shall be maintained at any one residence or premises. No more than five (5) cats over the age of four (4) months shall be maintained at any one residence or premises. No more than five (5) ferrets over the age of four (4) months shall be maintained at any one residence or premises. No more than four (4) poultry shall be maintained at any one residence or premises. Hen poultry may be kept within the Residential District. The keeping of roosters and drakes is prohibited except as allowed by section 6-2-21 of this chapter. Chickens shall not be raised or kept for fighting. Cockfighting and dogfighting are prohibited. Except within the R-1A District, slaughtering of animals is prohibited within all Residential Districts.
   (A)   Keeping Of Nondomesticated Animals Prohibited:
      1.   Definition: As used in this section, "nondomesticated animal" means any wild animal, reptile or fowl, which is not naturally tame or gentle but is of a wild nature or disposition or which, because of its size, vicious nature, or other characteristics would constitute a danger to human life or property.
      2.   Prohibited Animals: No person shall keep, maintain or harbor within the City any of the following animals:
         a.   Any animal or species prohibited by Minnesota or Federal law.
         b.   Any nondomesticated animal or species, including, but not limited to, the following:
            (1)   All skunks, whether captured in the wild, domestically raised, descented or not descented, vaccinated against rabies or not vaccinated against rabies.
            (2)   All large cats of the family Felidae, such as lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, cougars and ocelots, except commonly accepted domesticated house cats.
            (3)   All members of the family Canidae, such as wolves, foxes, coyotes, dingoes and jackals, except domesticated dogs.
            (4)   All crossbreeds, such as crossbreeds between dogs and coyotes or dogs and wolves, but does not include crossbreeds between domesticated animals.
            (5)   All poisonous snakes, such as rattlesnakes, coral snakes, water moccasins, cobras or copperheads.
            (6)   All raccoons.
            (7)   All apes and monkeys.
            (8)   All other animals which are not listed explicitly above, but which can be reasonably defined by the terms in subsection (A)1 of this section including bears, wolverines and badgers.
      3.   Selling Prohibited: No person shall offer for sale, within the City limits, any animal prohibited in subsections (A)1 and (A)2 of this section.
      4.   Exceptions; Permit Required:
         a.   Any persons desiring to keep animals prohibited under subsections (A)1 and (A)2 of this section shall obtain a temporary permit from the City Council. Such a permit shall be issued for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days and shall specify further conditions under which such animals shall be kept; provided, however, that no such permit shall be issued unless such prohibited animal is brought into the City for entertainment, exhibition, show or promotional purposes only. A public zoo or other institution engaged in a permanent display of animals may be issued a permanent permit, provided applicable zoning requirements are met.
         b.   Nonpoisonous snakes, birds kept indoors, hamsters, mice, rabbits, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, turtles or lizards, and similar small animals capable of being maintained continuously in cages are also exempt and do not require a permit.
         c.   Persons keeping animals for a public zoo as volunteers, docents or otherwise, any bona fide research institution or veterinary hospital are exempt from the permit requirement, provided protective devices adequate to prevent such animals from escaping or injuring the public are provided.
         d.   Handicapped persons keeping monkeys trained as household helpers are exempt.
      5.   Impounding Of Nondomesticated Animals: Any nondomesticated animal kept in violation of this section may be impounded by the City, and after being so impounded for five (5) days or more without being reclaimed by the owner may be destroyed or sold. Any person reclaiming such impounded animal shall pay the costs of impounding and keeping the same.
      6.   Existing Nondomesticated Animals: Anyone keeping or maintaining any nondomesticated animal at the time that this section is adopted has ninety (90) days in which to comply with the provisions of this section. Extensions beyond ninety (90) days may be granted for just cause by the City Council.
      7.   Penalty: Violation of any provision of this subsection (A) shall be a misdemeanor. (Ord. 1153, 3-17-2009; amd. Ord. 1539, 3-16-2021)