(A)   If the building is declared substandard and is not vacated, secured, repaired, removed, or demolished, or the occupants are not relocated within the allotted time, the municipality may vacate, secure, remove, or demolish the building, or relocate the occupants, and assess the expenses or file a lien against the property on which the building was located, unless the property is properly designated as a homestead.
   (B)   Nothing contained herein shall be deemed a limitation on the ability of the city to summarily order the demolition of any building or structure where it is apparent that the immediate demolition of the building or structure is necessary to the preservation of life and property in the city. In the event it is necessary during a fire or immediately after a fire that an emergency exists, and the city has to contract with some company or individual for equipment to demolish or tear down the walls of a building or the building itself, where the fire exists or immediately after the fire, the cost of having hired such equipment to perform such duties shall be charged to and paid by the owner of the premises, and charged as a lien upon the real property on which the building or buildings are situated.
(Ord. 910, passed 12-19-16)