A person operating a motor vehicle junkyard or motor vehicle salvage yard shall, at all times, comply with the following conditions:
   (A)   Location. The yard shall only be located in a zone in which a motor vehicle junkyard or salvage yard business is permitted by the city's Zoning Ordinance and shall not be located within 1,000 feet of the right-of-way of public street, state or federal highway, school, hospital or medical clinic or a residence.
   (B)   Insurance. Maintain general commercial liability insurance in an amount not less than $300,000 and includes coverage for liabilities related to the presence of hazardous wastes or products and environmental hazards.
   (C)   Compliance with laws. Comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations applicable to such operations including those designed to insure environmental quality and those relating to highway beautification.
   (D)   Fencing requirement. Each motor vehicle junkyard in the city shall be completely surrounded by a solid barrier fence or structure at least eight feet high. The fence must be painted a natural earth tone color and may not have any sign appear on its surface other than a sign indicating the business name of the licensed operator of the yard.
   (E)   Height and access requirements. No motor vehicles, or parts thereof, shall be piled or stacked in any such motor vehicle junkyard in any manner as to exceed six feet in height, or 625 square feet in floor or lot area. An aisle of at least four feet shall be maintained at all times between piles or stacks of motor vehicles or parts thereof, in such a manner as to allow free access on the part of the Fire Department of the city.
   (F)   Gas tanks to be drained. All gasoline shall be drained from the gasoline reservoirs of all motor vehicles stored or kept on the premises of any such motor vehicle junkyard, unless such motor vehicles are in such state of repair as to enable them to be removed from the premises under their own power.
(Ord. 693, passed 5-4-05) Penalty, see § 90.99