Income Tax Ordinance
185.01   Definitions.
185.02   Imposition of tax.
185.03   Effective date.
185.04   Reciprocity provision; credit for tax paid to other municipalities.
185.05   Administration; duties of the City Treasurer, City Auditor and City Income Tax Administrator.
185.06   Investigative powers of the City Income Tax Administrator; penalty for divulging confidential information.
185.07   Interest and penalties.
185.08   Violations; penalties.
185.09   Registration of all businesses operating in the City.
185.10   Allocation of funds.
185.11   Board of Review.
185.12   Applicability.
185.13   Savings clause.
185.14   Exemptions.
185.15   Refunds.
185.16   Effective period.
Municipal income taxes - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 718