Any license issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall be revoked by the Mayor upon violation by the peddler, solicitor or canvasser of:
   (a)   Any provision of this chapter;
   (b)   Of any applicable ordinance of this Municipality or any State or Federal Criminal Law;
   (c)   The licensee has made one or more material misrepresentations of fact within the application;
   (d)   The licensee has altered the information set forth on the face of the license or has used the license with knowledge that it has been altered;
   (e)   The licensee has permitted another to use the license;
   (f)   The licensee has entered upon the premises of a residence for the purpose of proposing a commercial transaction at hours other than those permitted by the express terms of the license;
   (g)   The licensee has failed or refused to exhibit the license to a law enforcement officer or at any time when requested while license is engaged in door to door solicitations.
   In the case of revocation, no fee will be refunded.
(Ord.  13-2015.  Passed 4-20-15.)