As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Temporary store" or "transient business" means a store, room, office building, lot, railroad car or other place opened and maintained for the solicitation of goods or services, or the sale to the public of goods, wares or merchandise where the transient dealer, that is , the seller or owner of the goods, wares or merchandise operates the place of business for a period of less than 120 business days.
   (b)   "Transient dealer" means a person who opens and maintains a temporary store or transient business; any such store and/or place which shall be opened, operated and maintained in the City shall, prima facie, be presumed to be a temporary store or transient business, within the meaning of this chapter, but the presumption may be overcome by evidence satisfactory to the Mayor that the place of business is not a temporary store or transient business, and that the person is not a transient dealer as herein defined, in which case the Mayor shall not be required to issue a license or to take a bond in lieu of payment therefore as required by Section 773.05.
   (c)   "Person" means any individual, association, partnership or corporation or the operator for or the agent of such person as herein defined, who sells to the public at wholesale or retail through or by means of a temporary store or transient business any goods, wares or merchandise except as herein provided.
      (Ord. 1-1959.  Passed 1-5-59.)