Inflatable signs referenced in this chapter pertain to all inflatable structures, signs, balloons, figures, sculptures, playground equipment, etc. used for the purpose of advertising and not intended for human occupancy.
   Inflatable signs shall be permitted only in accordance with the following regulations and other applicable regulations of this chapter.
   (a)    The company that installs inflatable signs must be a properly registered contractor and provide a Certificate of Insurance in the amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000). No bond is required.
   (b)    Construction, erection, safety and maintenance of all inflatable signs shall be in accordance with all local and state regulations, including the International Fire Prevention Code and the current edition of the Ohio Building Code.
   (c)    Inflatable signs shall be secured in an approved manner so as not to encroach upon the air rights of adjoining properties, including street right-of- way.
   (d)    Inflatable signs shall not be installed below or within ten feet horizontally of any electrical conductors, phone conductors, CATV conductors, fire alarm conductors or any other similar installations.
   (e)    The inflatable structure shall be ground-mounted or attached to supports and guy wires ground-mounted or securely attached to the building roof, pending confirmation that the imposed loads of the inflatable do not exceed the live load used in its design. No inflatable structure will be permitted to be secured to any mechanical equipment, parapet walls or other items normally found on the roof of a structure.
   (f)    The location of the inflatable structure shall not create a nuisance to adjacent or surrounding properties.
   (g)    Each applicant must pay a fee of thirty dollars ($30.00) to obtain an inflatable sign permit.
   (h)    Each applicant who uses an inflatable display is limited to no more than four times per year.
   (i)    The duration of each inflatable display shall comply with conditions of Temporary Signs, as contained in Tables A-C.
   (j)   Each applicant who uses an inflatable sign is required to wait at least thirty days before subsequent use.
   (k)    No more than one inflatable sign shall be permitted at any one property and/or business unit.
   (I)    Signage on the inflatable shall be limited to no more than eight words.
   (m)    A special annual permit may be obtained for inflatable figures which shall not contain any form of lettering or advertisement. This permit will be allowed as a conditionally permitted use in the commercial districts, per  Section 1274.16, and must be approved by the Planning Commission and City Council. Such permit must be obtained by a registered and bonded contractor for a twelve-month calendar year, renewable annually. The contractor must inspect the condition of the inflatable every thirty days for condition of the equipment and to ensure anchoring/structural devices are stable for the intended use. The Building Inspector must inspect the initial installation, as well as any annual renewals. The annual fee for this special permit shall be one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
   (n)    The contractor registered for installation of inflatables accepts full responsibility for the imposed design loads, and anchoring devices either ground-mounted or rooftop. The City reserves the right to request a report from an Ohio Registered Structural Engineer at the contractor's expense if questionable structural issues arise.
   (o)    Refer to Basic Design and Regulatory Elements Tables for modifications. (Ord. 20- 13.  Passed 4-22-13.)