The following types of signs are prohibited in the City, except as otherwise specifically authorized by this chapter:
   (a)    Portable signs or trailer signs;
   (b)    Roof signs;
   (c)    Projecting signs;
   (d)    Signs using flashing lights;
   (e)    Pennants or banners;
   (f)    A-frame or sandwich board signs;
   (g)    Signs resembling traffic control devices or signs;
   (h)    Merchandise, equipment, products, vehicles or other items not themselves for sale and placed for attention getting, identification or advertising purposes;
   (i)    Abandoned signs;
   (j)   Miscellaneous signs or posters tacked or posted on poles, walls, fences or other structures;
   (k)    Off-premises signs;
   (I)    Signs constructed of nondurable materials such as paper or cloth, except for temporary signs as specifically authorized by this chapter; and
   (m)    Pole Signs, as defined herein.
      (Ord. 20-13.  Passed 4-22-13.)
   (n)   Streamers.  (Ord. 135-17.  Passed 2-12-18.)