1480.03 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of the Maintenance Code is to be establish minimum standards necessary in order to:
(a)    Make all property, dwelling structures and other structures safe, sanitary, free from fire and health hazards, fit for human habitation and beneficial to the public welfare;
(b)    Establish minimum standards governing the maintenance of property, dwelling structures and other structures in such condition as will not constitute a blighting or deteriorating influence on the neighborhood and the community;
(c)    Fix responsibilities for owners and occupants of properties, dwellings and other structures with respect to sanitation, repair and maintenance;
(d)    Authorize the vacation or condemnation of dwelling units and other structures unsafe or unfit for human habitation;
(e)    Authorize the inspection of properties, dwellings and other structures, establish enforcement procedures and fix penalties for violations;
(f)    Provide adequate space for all physical needs of a family, space for each family function, housekeeping activity and facility, and space for circulation, without overuse of space;
(g)    Provide space for all the social needs, amenities and psychological well-being of a family, and for privacy and association for a family and the individual members thereof, without overcrowding; and
(h)    Assure the maintenance of an adequate environment in the City.
   (Ord. 122-03. Passed 12-8-03.)