A sign, as permitted in the various zoning districts in the City, and as described in Tables A through C, Basic Design and Regulatory Elements, shall be designed, constructed and maintained to conform to the purposes and objectives in Section 1270.01; as well as the following general design criteria:
   (a)    Flashing Light. No sign shall have animation, moving parts, flashing lights or changing colors, except part of a sign, which by means of changes in copy or moving parts, indicates time or temperature.  Signs may be illuminated by either external or internal sources of light. However, no illuminated sign shall be permitted where any part of such sign flashes on or off or displays changing degrees of intensity. This regulation applies to signs located outside buildings and to window signs inside buildings which can be observed from the outside.
   (b)   Visibility at Intersections. No temporary or permanent sign over 3.75 feet in height shall be erected or maintained within fifty feet of an intersection, as measured from the point of intersection of the right-of-way lines.
   (c)    Horizontal Dimensions. Required setbacks from property or right-of-way lines shall be the horizontal distance between the sign structure and the property or right-of-way line. No portion of the sign shall extend across a right-of-way or property line.
   (d)    Number of Signs. The number of signs permitted shall be subject to the requirements of Tables A through C, Basic Design and Regulatory Elements, which follow the text of this chapter.
      (Ord. 20-13.  Passed 4-22-13.)