(A)   License period.
      (1)   Licenses mandated by Section 7 supra shall be for a period of one year and the license fee for the one-year period shall be $5. The multiple pet license shall be the sum of $20 for a five-year period.
      (2)   This licensing provision, with regard to the initial five-year period, shall be effective retroactively one year. Accordingly, licenses applied for and issued in calendar year 1986, although at the time of issuance were issued for one-year periods, shall be deemed to have been issued effective for the next succeeding five years, calculated from issue date.
   (B)   Fees not refundable. License fees, once paid pursuant to this chapter, shall not be subject to reimbursement at any time for any reason.
   (C)   Shots required. All owners of dogs and cats are required to maintain rabies and other shots current and all owners shall be required to furnish proof of the current status of required shots upon request by or at the direction of the Council.
   (D)   Violation nuisances. Any violation of this chapter shall be deemed a public nuisance.
   (E)   Violations petty misdemeanor/misdemeanors. Persons violating any provision of this chapter shall, upon due conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a petty misdemeanor, except violations hereof having to do with required rabies shots which shall be punishable as misdemeanors and punishable in accordance with the laws of the state.
(Prior Code Ch. 5, § 5)  Penalty, see § 90.99