(A)    No person shall keep any dog or cat over six months of age within the city unless:
      (1)   The dog or cat has received the necessary rabies shots;
      (2)   The dog or cat wears a metal tag attached to the collar worn by the dog or cat at all times, indicating the dog or cat has received the necessary rabies innoculation; and
      (3)   A license for the dog or cat has been secured from the city in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
   (B)   Applications for dog or cat licenses shall be made on forms provided by the city, obtainable at the office of the Clerk and among other undertakings subscribed to by license applicants shall be the acknowledgment that dog or cat owner is liable for all actions of her or his dog(s) or cat(s) and that owners and licensees shall hold the city harmless from any claims, liabilities, or responsibilities arising out of the keeping of a dog(s) or cat(s). The Clerk shall maintain a record of all licenses issued.
   (C)   No license shall be granted for a dog or cat which has not been vaccinated against rabies during the 90-day period preceding the making of an application for a license, except that when a dog or cat is first licensed for an entire year hereafter, the license may be issued if the dog or cat has been vaccinated within a period of six months preceding the application for a license. Vaccination shall be permitted or performed only by a doctor qualified to practice veterinary medicine in the state in which the dog or cat is vaccinated.
(Prior Code Ch. 5, § 4)