(A)   Sewer service charge billing period. Sewer service charges shall be billed by the city to the sewer users on a monthly basis. Once a wastewater treatment plant is operational, preexisting residences, commercial, and other properties shall pay, in addition to all other charges duly imposed, a sewer user hookup charge. New construction shall pay a sewer user hookup fee as a pre-condition to receiving certificate of occupancy. Except for new construction, all connections after the 12-month period referred to in § 50.041(D) shall require a hookup fee. All sewer rates, fees, and costs shall be determined and set by the Council annually, or as may be mandated by Council action duly taken.
   (B)   Payment of sewer service charges. Persons billed by the city for sewer service charges shall pay charges within 30 days after the billing date at the City Hall.
(Prior Code Ch. 50, § 16)  (Ord. passed - - )