(A)   Industrial wastes discharged into the public sewers shall be subject to periodic inspection and a determination of character and concentration of the wastes. The determination shall be made by the industry as often as may be deemed necessary by the Approving Authority.
   (B)   Samples shall be collected in such a manner as to be representative of the composition of the wastes. The sampling may be accomplished either manually or by the use of mechanical equipment acceptable to the Approving Authority.
   (C)   (1)   Installation, operation, and maintenance of the sampling facilities shall be the responsibility of the person discharging the waste and shall be subject to the approval of the Approving Authority. Access to sampling locations shall be granted to the Approving Authority or his or her duly authorized representative at all times.
      (2)   Every case shall be exercised in the collection of samples to ensure its preservation in a state comparable to that at the time the sample was taken.
(Prior Code Ch. 50, § 16)