(A)   Each person discharging industrial wastes into a public sewer shall, at the discretion of the Approving Authority, construct and maintain one or more control manholes or access points to facilitate observation, measurement, and sampling of wastes, including sanitary sewage.
   (B)   Control manholes or access facilities shall be located and built in a manner acceptable to the Approving Authority. If measuring and/or sampling devices are to be permanently installed, they shall be of a type acceptable to the Approving Authority.
   (C)   Control manholes, access facilities, and related equipment shall be installed by the person discharging the waste, at the person’s expense, and shall be maintained by the person so as to be in safe condition, accessible, and in proper operating condition at all times.
   (D)   Plans for installation of the control manholes or access facilities and related equipment shall be approved by the Approving Authority prior to the beginning of construction.
(Prior Code Ch. 50, § 16)