If any waters or wastes are discharged or are proposed to be discharged to the public sewers which waters or wastes contain substances or possess the characteristics enumerated in § 50.041, and which in the judgement of the Approving Authority have a deleterious effect upon the wastewater collection and treatment facilities, processes, equipment, or receiving waters and/or soil, vegetation, and groundwater, or which otherwise create a hazard to life, health, or constitute a public nuisance, the Approving Authority may:
   (A)   Reject the wastes;
   (B)   Require pretreatment to an acceptable condition for discharge to the public sewers, pursuant to § 307(b) of the Clean Water Act, being 33 U.S.C. § 307(b) and its amendments;
   (C)   Require control over the quantities and rates of discharge; and/or
   (D)   Require payment to cover the added cost of handling and treating the wastes not covered by existing taxes or sewer charges under the provisions of this code.
(Prior Code Ch. 50, § 16)