§ 50.041  REQUIREMENT.
   (A)   Waste disposal. It shall be unlawful for any person to place, deposit, or permit to be deposited in any unsanitary manner on public or private property within the city or in any area under the jurisdiction of the city, any human or animal excrement, garbage, or other objectional waste excepting that of livestock, pets, or kennels approved by Chapter 150.
   (B)   Disposal to natural outlets. It shall be unlawful to discharge to any natural outlet within the city or in any area under the jurisdiction of the city, any sewage or other polluted waters except where suitable treatment has been provided in accordance with subsequent provisions of this code and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) permit.
   (C)   Private sewage disposal. It shall be unlawful to construct or maintain any privy, privy vault, septic tank, cesspool, or other facility intended or used for the disposal of sewage without approval of the city.
   (D)   Sewer connection required. The owner of all houses, buildings, or properties used for human occupancy, employment, recreation, or other purposes abutting on any street, alley, or right-of-way in which there is now located or is proposed to be located any public sanitary sewer of the city is hereby required at his or her expense to install suitable toilet facilities therein, and to connect the facilities directly with the proper public sewer in accordance with the provisions of this code, within 12 months of the date the wastewater treatment plant is substantially completed and use thereof permitted.
(Prior Code Ch. 50, § 16)  Penalty, see § 50.999