(A)   Partially prepaid. The balance of $1,800 special assessments which were partially prepaid shall be payable upon connection to the municipal sanitary sewer at the option of the property owner either:
      (1)   In cash at the time of and with hookup charges as a precondition to issuance of certificate of occupancy; or
      (2)   Over a 15-year period drawing interest at maximum rate chargeable under and pursuant to Chapter 429 of the laws of the state, as amended, the first installment payable with real property taxes payable in the next succeeding year following connection.
   (B)   Developed parcels not previously assessed. The full per developable unit cost of $3,600 shall be payable at the option of the landowner under either of the arrangements set forth in division (A) above as to parcels where there was no part of the assessments prepaid.
(Prior Code Ch. 50, § 13)