(A)   Enabling authority. This chapter is enacted as authorized by and pursuant to M.S. Ch. 462, as it may be amended from time to time.
   (B)   Purpose. It is the purpose of this chapter to promote the health, safety, convenience, morals, and general welfare of the residents of the city by the orderly planned improvement of real property, public and private, so as to assure the safety, value, and aesthetic qualities thereof.
   (C)   Scope.
      (1)   All references herein to LANDS shall relate to the lands lying and being within the corporate limits of the city, and STRUCTURES shall include any building, whether permanently affixed to lands or merely placed thereon, having a usable area of 60 square feet or more, whether erected above ground or subterrane. An addition to the exterior perimeter or the height of any existing building, by reason of any addition thereto, regardless of area, or the renovation or rebuilding of the interior of an existing building where the inherent structural aspects of the building are changed, shall be construed a STRUCTURE, as shall the moving of existing buildings upon lands within the city, whether originating outside of or from another location in the city.
      (2)   STRUCTURE for purposes of this chapter shall include land alterations of any kind where ten cubic yards of material or more are moved, or, regardless of the volume of material moved, where the land alteration affects existing drainage, lateral, or subjacent support. Lands newly annexed to the city shall, unless thereafter reclassified by amendment hereto, have the zoning district classification which the lands had prior to annexation. If the annexed lands are not classified, they shall be annexed with the Residential (R) District designation.
(Ord. 52, passed 11-6-1985, § 1)