(A)   It shall be unlawful to sell or deliver 3.2% malt liquor in the city except when licenses as hereinafter provided. The expression 3.2% MALT LIQUOR when used herein shall mean any potable malt beverage with an alcoholic content or more than 0.5% by volume and not more than 3.2% by weight. There shall be two types of licenses issued for the sale of liquors classified as follows:
      (1)   On sale licenses shall permit the licensee to sell 3.2% malt liquors for consumption on the premises, and this class of license shall be granted only to restaurants, hotels, drug stores, and bona fide clubs. A bona fide club under this subchapter is an organization for social or business purposes, for intellectual improvement, or for the promotion of sports where the serving of 3.2% malt liquor is incidental and not the major purpose of the club.
      (2)   Off sale licenses shall permit the licensee to sell 3.2% malt liquors in original packages for consumption off the premises only.
(Prior Code Ch. 1, § 5)
   (B)   (1)   General requirement. No person, except a wholesales or manufacturer, to the extent authorized under state statute, shall directly or indirectly deal in, sell, or keep for sale in the city any intoxicating liquor without a license to do so as provided in this chapter. Liquor licenses shall be of three kinds: on sale; on sale wine; and off sale.
      (2)   On sale licenses. On sale licenses shall be issued only to hotels, clubs, restaurants, and exclusive liquor stores and shall permit on sale of liquor only.
      (3)   On sale wine licenses. On sale wine licenses shall be issued only to restaurants meeting the qualifications of M.S. § 340A.404, as it may be amended from time to time, and shall permit only the sale of wine not exceeding 14% alcohol by volume, for consumption on the licensed premises only, in conjunction with the sale of food.
      (4)   Off sale licenses. Off sale licenses may be issued to drug stores, exclusive liquor stores, and otherwise as authorized by law, but shall permit off sale of liquor only.
(Prior Code Ch. 1, § 7)
Penalty, see § 110.99