§ 154.075 INSPECTIONS.
(A)   At least five days prior to commencing construction of private streets, the applicant shall:
      (1)   Pay an inspection fee equal to 2% of the cost of the construction; or
      (2)   Pay an inspection fee equal to the estimated cost of inspection by the Town Council.
   (B)   The inspection fee shall be payable to the town stating the purpose of the fee. The applicant shall notify the Clerk-Treasurer in writing of the time when construction is proposed to commence so that inspection can made to assure that all specifications and requirements will be met.
   (C)   If upon inspection, it is found that any of the construction has not been in accordance with the approved plans and specifications, the Town Council shall so report to the Clerk-Treasurer. The Clerk-Treasurer shall then notify the applicant and, if applicable, the bonding company, and take all necessary steps to preserve the rights of the town under the conditions of the bond. The applicant shall provide for maintenance of all construction and for snow removal on streets and sidewalks until the lots are sold and the responsibility for maintenance has been legally transferred to the new owners.
(2011 Code, § 154.38) (Ord. 2007-02, passed 3-5-2007) Penalty, see § 10.99