The procedure for application for proposed new private streets or proposed lengthening of existing private streets shall be as follows.
   (A)   Contents of application. Prior to the construction or lengthening of any private street, an application shall be submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer. The application shall include the following information:
      (1)   Names of applicants;
      (2)   Right, title, and interest of the applicant to land for the proposed construction or modification of a private street;
      (3)   A statement of any legal encumbrances on the land for the location of a proposed private street;
      (4)   A plan setting forth how the private street and associated drainage structures are to be maintained.
         (a)   Responsibility for the private street maintenance may be assigned to an association of the lot owners or to all lot owners in common through provisions included in the deeds for all lots which utilize the private street for access.
         (b)   The applicant shall submit appropriate legal documentation such as proposed Homeowners Association documents and proposed deed covenants. This documentation must address specific maintenance activities such as summer and winter maintenance including snow removal from turn-arounds on dead end streets, long-term maintenance or improvements, and emergency repairs.
         (c)   The documentation must include a mechanism to generate funds to pay for all necessary maintenance work.
      (5)   The anticipated starting and completion dates of construction; and
      (6)   A statement indicating the nature and volume of traffic anticipated on an average daily basis.
   (B)   Construction drawings. Construction drawings of the proposed private street shall be submitted to the Clerk-Treasurer with the application. Detailed construction drawings shall be submitted showing a plan view, profile, and typical cross-section of the proposed private street. The drawings shall include the following information:
      (1)   Date, scale, and magnetic or true North;
      (2)   Intersections of the proposed private street with existing streets;
      (3)   Right-of-way limits of the proposed private street and the existing streets;
      (4)   Existing and proposed drainage ways and structures and their location and relationship with respect to the existing natural waterways;
      (5)   Turning radii at intersections;
      (6)   Approximate centerline gradients;
      (7)   Locations of existing overhead and underground utilities including, but not limited to, water, sewer, electricity, telephone, lighting, and cable television;
      (8)   A soil erosion and sedimentation control plan showing interim and final control provisions; and
      (9)   An estimated cost of the construction of the proposed private street.
   (C)   Application fee. The fee schedule for review of plans for a new private street or an alteration to an existing private street shall be established by the Town Council.
   (D)   Application review. The schedule for review of proposed private streets or lengthening of existing private streets shall be in accordance with § 154.002(B) of this chapter.
(2011 Code, § 154.35) (Ord. 2007-02, passed 3-5-2007)